The Person

A History Of Caring

It’s so nice to write a biographical sketch that doesn’t have to fit into just one paragraph. I’m afraid I’ve just been too busy and have had a life too rich in experiences to fit into that small a framework! Especially in an age where CV’s and resumes are getting more and more condensed for computer requirements, it is great fun to stroll down memory lane and brag a bit about the things in which I’ve been interested and of which I am proud.

I have 2 Ph.D’s in psychology, one for transpersonal psychology obtained in1975 and another in clinical psychology earned in 1988, and am a Life Member of the American College of Forensic Examiners with whom I hold Diplomate status as a Forensic Examiner and a Forensic Psychologist, as well as a Certification as Medical Investigator Level V. I am a Full Member of the American Psychological Association, and a California licensed psychologist.

I was the Executive Director and a psychotherapist at the Crossroads Center, a private counseling and consulting group in New Hampshire. In addition to a clinical practice that included adults, children, adolescents, and families who had experienced trauma, I was also a nationally certified biofeedback practitioner (with BCIA) who specialized in cases of stress disorders and chronic pain.

I conducted workshops and in-service training, gave numerous professional presentations, and have taught at the State University of New York, the University of New Hampshire, and Humboldt State University in California, as well as a variety of community colleges. I also have a wide variety of experience and professional continuing education.

I am very proud of the fact that I ran an educational non-profit called the Spectrum Cross-Cultural Institute For Youth, Inc. (SCIY) from 1988 to 1993. We gave multi-cultural presentations in hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. and overseas, and helped schools and teachers develop curricula that fostered pride in children’s heritage and mutual respect for differences.

I even had a chance to draft legislation to support multi-cultural and multi-ethnic education for New Hampshire students. I lobbied for 2 years with support from all political parties and philosophies (yes, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals!) and saw the bill unanimously approved by the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 1990.

Through all of this, I found the time to raise 3 wonderful sons, and write 3 books and a syndicated newspaper column from 1982 to 1988. I even had my own talk radio show in Boston for about 6 months in 1983. I think if radio had been as open to controversy then as it is now, I’d still be on the air!

I relocated to California in 1993. After nearly 17 years of working with victims and survivors of trauma and abuse, I felt I needed some experience working with those who had committed these things. So I ran a parole outpatient clinic part-time for a year, then moved on to a forensic practice and temporary contracts in over a dozen prisons. In these years I’ve also worked on over 500 Child Protection Services cases and spent over 400 hours working in a county jail.

I bought a house in Visalia in the Central Valley of California in 2001 to work full-time at local prisons.  In 2004 I was severely injured in a terrible car accident and moved to a quiet house in the mountains of Northern California to recover and refocus. The story of the terrible medical and legal trauma during the 5 years following that car accident is the basis for my latest book Surviving Human Venom. I left Butte County in March of 2009 and relocated to San Jose. My full-time practice in the greater San Jose area has proved to be a wonderful wealth of diversity and learning. I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store!