What I’ve Been Up To!

If you have noticed some erratic behavior on the part of this site, it’s because so much has been happening! With the book published in December 2008, and the ordeal nearing an end, I knew I wanted to be in an area with far more resources than I’d been in the last five years. So on the 1st of March, 2009, I closed my office doors in Butte County and moved to San Jose, California, in what is basically considered the South Bay area of San Francisco. It’s been 2 months and I admit to living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks, but with the help of my sons, life is finally beginning to settle down. There are far more medical facilities here for me to work at. I have a private office and a rapidly growing practice, both in clinical therapy and in forensics.

Many universities abound in the area, and in Palo Alto is the Stanford Center on Interdisciplinary Policy, Education, and Research, where I hope to be able to pursue my interests in making this a safer world for all of us. I’ve been nominated to the American Board of Intelligence Analysts, and I look forward to serving Homeland Security interests in a humane and valuable way.

Meanwhile, I still pursue legal system and healthcare system reform, and have found many more resources and opportunities than have been available in other locations. In addition, I get to do more publicity regarding the sad state of affairs in legal corruption in California. It wasn’t safe to publicize the book until April10th, 2009, so I’ve finally been able to push hard to get the story out. A number of organizations are helping to get the word out, and I look forward to talks and book-signings across the area soon.

There are volunteer activities, and museums and libraries to explore, and I’m in heaven with all the doors that are opening. The welcome that I’ve received in the area has exceeded every expectation that I had, and I am delighted with a rapidly growing support system of friends and colleagues. I’m working on at least two papers fro presentation, and another (more positive!) book to be published by the end of the year.

And not to forget the spiritual side of life, I have to admit that the wealth of interdenominational dialogues here has been a source of joy and comfort. I know we have to co-exist on this world and in this country, with respect, kindness, and personal responsibility to each other. I seem to be receiving a multitude of chances to do so, and I am so grateful.

I admit it! Despite all the agony of relocation, being here in the Greater San Jose Area is balm to my soul, and therapy for my mind and body. Those who have read Surviving Human Venom will understand how incredibly healing my new life here is.

Wish me well and make prayers for me in whatever way suits you best; I welcome all your good wishes and give thanks to Creator daily!

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