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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Generosity is a funny thing. You give and receive gifts of great value when you least expect it. When I think about the gifts of last year, I don’t necessarily remember the wrapped presents tied with ribbons and under the tree. I tend to remember the gifts of love we gave each other during the year, in every season. And I especially try to remember to give thanks for every one of them!!

Love is when your partner catches you without makeup, wearing bluejeans and a flannel shirt and says, “Gosh, you’re beautiful!” Love is when you kiss your partner when he’s sweaty and dirty from fixing the spark plugs on your car while ignoring the fact he’s worn his best shirt doing it.

Love is saying “Good work!” to your teenager when he’s gotten two B’s and three C’s on his report card and you know he has the ability to be an A student. Love is when your teenager breaks curfew on Saturday, and you remember when you were 14 years old, and you only ground him for 48 hours.

Love is video-taping your third-grader’s recital and watching it three times. Love is helping him clean his room (for the third day in a row) when you think the job could have been done in half the time, and you are not being an old grouch about it!

Love is the first time your 2-year-old says “Goo’ night, mama” and kisses you before he goes to bed. Love is not using your temper when he calls you a “bad guy” because you said he can’t eat chocolate chips before dinner. Love is teaching someone you care about to drive — without flinching.

Love is packing your family’s lunches at 6 in the morning when all you want to do is stare at the wall and drink your daily dose of caffeine before you head off to work. Love is letting the kids make cookies when you know you’ll get stuck with the dishes.

Love is getting up at 4 AM to catch a plan at 7 AM, so you can spend time with your sister in New York, when you could have slept until 10 AM.

To all of you I wish love, and gifts from the heart, no matter when you receive them. And most of all, I wish you the ability to recognize those gifts and be thankful for the treasures they put in your heart!